Fashion Texas: Why women can do several things at once?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Why women can do several things at once?

Men better understand maps and women have more memory and social skills. Simple ? Topics or behavior based on brain differences ?

A team of neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania believe they have found the key to these neurological differences through a study of connectivity between different brain regions involving nearly a thousand young and technique of magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging to is published in the latest issue of the scientific journal PNAS .
Although previous studies had indicated the existence of these gender differences , so far none had shown the neural basis of such differences.
"These brain connectivity maps show striking differences , but also complementary, in the architecture of the human brain , which help develop a potential neural basis explaining why men are brilliant in some tasks and women in others," said Ragini Verma, principal author of these works.
The study reveals in man a larger number of connections on the front of the brain, central coordination of actions and the rear , where the cerebellum, important is intuition . The images also show a high number of connections within each hemisphere of the brain. Such connectivity suggests that the male brain is structured to facilitate the exchange of information between the center of perception and action , as Ragini Verma .
As for women , these connections between the right hemisphere, where the capacity for analysis and processing of information is , to the left hemisphere , intuition center explains . The researcher clarifies that men are , on average, more able to learn and perform a single task, such as biking , skiing or surfing , while women have superior memory and greater social intelligence, which makes them more suitable to run multiple tasks and find solutions for the group.
Another myth , that of the half, it seems to be true at least from the point of view of neuroscience. " It is quite surprising complementarity between the brains of men women ," says Ruben Gur , another author of the study.
The study also shows that there is little difference between the genders in connectivity in the brain before age 13, and from that age when becoming visible .


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