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Friday, December 13, 2013

What are the characteristics of the next iPhone in June ?

 Industry observers believe that facial recognition technology will be incorporated in the next generation iPhone . The following of Apple phone would arrive in spring 2014 .

 The Cupertino -based company , in an effort not to lose ( or regain ) their factor 'cool' , recorded the computing patentePersonal control device using face detection and recognition before the Patent and Trademark Office U.S.

The document describes a method for accessing a iPhoney other devices , according to face detection and recognition . In other words, the face of the user could act as a password, allowing it to answer a call and perform other tasks .
However, industry analysts maintain that the technology will be incorporated in the next generation iPhone. DailyMail says some
Samsung Galaxy devices already use facial recognition to unlock, but this mechanism could "get in the game" for the iPhone 6.
That's not all . The average quoted said , based on recent rumors that the successor to the 5S would have a 4.8 inch screen and could be made of sapphire, a very resistant material.
According to Mirror , "Apple has spent $ 578 million to accelerate the development of your next phone." Specifically , I would have invested that amount in the manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies. That would support the prediction of experts on apple bet for super resistant terminal.
The sapphire crystal is 2.5 times stronger, more expensive and more difficult to produce than the Corning Gorilla Glass, a material technology company used today in their smartphones.
Recall that the iPhone 5S and incorporates a sapphire crystal , but only on the back camera lens and TouchID button .
Meanwhile, recent transcended indicate that the new generation of iPhones include a 3D sensor. These versions came after Apple acquired PrimeSense, a developer of chips that allow three-dimensional machine vision .
James McQuivey , the trend analysis company Forrester believes that the giant apple will look "beyond the living room . " For him, the technology developed by PrimeSense has become so small that soon could be incorporated in the next iPhone , giving you the ability to detect 3D .
"This would allow someone to take a picture of an object or person to determine the size and mass to the ( ... ) It sounds technical, but a phone with this capability could perhaps take the picture of your fridge and be able to recommend new equipment immediately will fill the exact same space , "he declared in conversation with the Informant Mexico .
It is expected that the next iPhone is available in the market in the spring of 2014.

Sara Carbonero, criticized for trivializing the death of Mandela

 supposedly trivialize
so delicate a subject .

And is that during post , Carbonero mixes his experiences in the last World
South Africa with reflections on the figure of the South African president , and even his
recent experience of decorating your baby 's room .
In fact at the end of the text, Sara cites a phrase from one of the daughters of Mandela, " the
lesson we can draw from your life is to have the courage to forgive
others, " accompanies a REST IN PEACE , and then continues as follows
way : "On the other hand, this weekend I took the opportunity to paint one of the
walls of the baby room . At first I put vinyl or use
templates " .
Tweets about post Carbonero have succeeded , albeit with reviews for
While some reloaded hard against Iker Casillas 's girlfriend , other
accused of sexist to all who mock the journalist.

Why women can do several things at once?

Men better understand maps and women have more memory and social skills. Simple ? Topics or behavior based on brain differences ?

A team of neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania believe they have found the key to these neurological differences through a study of connectivity between different brain regions involving nearly a thousand young and technique of magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging to is published in the latest issue of the scientific journal PNAS .
Although previous studies had indicated the existence of these gender differences , so far none had shown the neural basis of such differences.
"These brain connectivity maps show striking differences , but also complementary, in the architecture of the human brain , which help develop a potential neural basis explaining why men are brilliant in some tasks and women in others," said Ragini Verma, principal author of these works.
The study reveals in man a larger number of connections on the front of the brain, central coordination of actions and the rear , where the cerebellum, important is intuition . The images also show a high number of connections within each hemisphere of the brain. Such connectivity suggests that the male brain is structured to facilitate the exchange of information between the center of perception and action , as Ragini Verma .
As for women , these connections between the right hemisphere, where the capacity for analysis and processing of information is , to the left hemisphere , intuition center explains . The researcher clarifies that men are , on average, more able to learn and perform a single task, such as biking , skiing or surfing , while women have superior memory and greater social intelligence, which makes them more suitable to run multiple tasks and find solutions for the group.
Another myth , that of the half, it seems to be true at least from the point of view of neuroscience. " It is quite surprising complementarity between the brains of men women ," says Ruben Gur , another author of the study.
The study also shows that there is little difference between the genders in connectivity in the brain before age 13, and from that age when becoming visible .

Miranda Kerr, very sensual

They announced their separation in October after three years of marriage and a child in common , but since then they have been seen together on numerous occasions. They are one of the best avenues former partners of all time and they wanted to reveal Miranda why.

 It has done so in an interview with the magazine ' Harper 's Bazaar ' in a very suggestive report includes While many couples can not maintain a friendship after ending a relationship , the model is determined to keep the love you have professed during years .

He has spoken for the first time about her separation and has done for the Australian edition of Harper 's Bazaar, where he insists that she and Orlando Bloom always want . A statement confirming that the actor had done about it.

"It's hard for everyone through a separation , our friendship and dynamics to be Flynn 's parents , so I try everything openly and honestly ," said the angel that was Victoria 's Secret. "We respect each other and with respect comes understanding. When there is understanding, I guess everything is a bit more harmonious " with these words, the model makes clear he does not want to end the friendship that binds him to the father of her child but especially so for the welfare of her son Flynn two years.
Ensures that and still want to watch each other , there is no reason to other than " a united front " and although not live together , form a family. Your child is the most important in their lives and sharing that link, both feel it is important to stay together. Throughout the interview , it has been said that this Christmas will not fly to Australia with his family as Orlando has to work on the play starring in Broadway , Romeo and Juliet , and it would just who is separated from his son in some special days.
The 30-year model shown relaxed and optimistic about his new personal situation , but most can say who is happy with his new life and that if they were once the most adorable Hollywood couples , now form one of the best couples ex avenues of all time.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kate Winslet gives birth to her third child

British actress Kate Winslet is "fine" after giving birth Saturday to her third child, a boy, from his third marriage, his manager said today.

The spokesman confirmed that the star of "Titanic" (1997), 38, gave birth in a hospital in Sussex County (southern England) and "mother and child are well."
The newborn is the first child of Winslet and Ned Rocknroll, 35, whose real name is Abel Smith and nephew of British billionaire Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group.
The couple married in December 2012, just a year and a half after they met, in a private ceremony in New York, in the presence of the two sons of actress and a few friends and family.
The winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in 2009 is also the mother of Mia, 12, from her marriage to Jim Threapleton filmmaker, and Joe, age 9, her second husband, Sam Mendes, director of "American Beauty "and" Skyfall ".
Kate Winslet shot to worldwide fame with her role as Rose in "Titanic", also starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by James Cameron, the second highest grossing film in movie history after "Avatar", the same filmmaker.
The UK, which has been awarded the title of Commander of the British Empire, won the Oscar for the film "The Reader" (2008) premiered last October drama "Labor Day," based on the novel of the same name by Joyce Maynard.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips for wearing a transparent dress

Transparencies take a long time to occupying one of the highest places in fashion, they usually look good on most women, as they are very flattering on all body types and skin.

There are different kinds of sheer fabrics, some often reveal more skin than others, so if you have a dress of this type can not miss you these wonderful tips to look like a star.

The first thing to consider is that you can not wear lingerie colors, both the bra and the panties should be skin color. Try to get a smooth lingerie which do not check the dress with stitching or with details.

You should note that the transparencies are very sexy and stylish, but not over passes with transparent dress and combinations because exageraras the looks and people misunderstand your intentions, besides being sober will spend to be vulgar.

Watch the pictures!, Do not let it take pictures distracted if you take a good deal of transparency in the distance look like these without clothes.

If you want to stand out in celebration, do not hesitate to wear a transparent dress these will make you look like a diva all.