Fashion Texas: What are the characteristics of the next iPhone in June ?

Friday, December 13, 2013

What are the characteristics of the next iPhone in June ?

 Industry observers believe that facial recognition technology will be incorporated in the next generation iPhone . The following of Apple phone would arrive in spring 2014 .

 The Cupertino -based company , in an effort not to lose ( or regain ) their factor 'cool' , recorded the computing patentePersonal control device using face detection and recognition before the Patent and Trademark Office U.S.

The document describes a method for accessing a iPhoney other devices , according to face detection and recognition . In other words, the face of the user could act as a password, allowing it to answer a call and perform other tasks .
However, industry analysts maintain that the technology will be incorporated in the next generation iPhone. DailyMail says some
Samsung Galaxy devices already use facial recognition to unlock, but this mechanism could "get in the game" for the iPhone 6.
That's not all . The average quoted said , based on recent rumors that the successor to the 5S would have a 4.8 inch screen and could be made of sapphire, a very resistant material.
According to Mirror , "Apple has spent $ 578 million to accelerate the development of your next phone." Specifically , I would have invested that amount in the manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies. That would support the prediction of experts on apple bet for super resistant terminal.
The sapphire crystal is 2.5 times stronger, more expensive and more difficult to produce than the Corning Gorilla Glass, a material technology company used today in their smartphones.
Recall that the iPhone 5S and incorporates a sapphire crystal , but only on the back camera lens and TouchID button .
Meanwhile, recent transcended indicate that the new generation of iPhones include a 3D sensor. These versions came after Apple acquired PrimeSense, a developer of chips that allow three-dimensional machine vision .
James McQuivey , the trend analysis company Forrester believes that the giant apple will look "beyond the living room . " For him, the technology developed by PrimeSense has become so small that soon could be incorporated in the next iPhone , giving you the ability to detect 3D .
"This would allow someone to take a picture of an object or person to determine the size and mass to the ( ... ) It sounds technical, but a phone with this capability could perhaps take the picture of your fridge and be able to recommend new equipment immediately will fill the exact same space , "he declared in conversation with the Informant Mexico .
It is expected that the next iPhone is available in the market in the spring of 2014.

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